AgTech crop scouts help protect crop yield by providing regular, field-specific assessment of environmental conditions, beneficial insects, pest insects, weed and disease pressure and crop performance. This information guides the appropriate selection and application of nutrient and crop protection products.

Crop Scouting Offers

  • Precise measurement of crop growth, nutrient status and pest status
  • Industry-leading assessment reports, data trends analysis and data visualization tools
  • Monitoring of in-season field-specific observations, season-to-season patterns in field-to-field comparisons and area-wide comparative trends
  • Aerial Sensing using UAV’s equipped with NIR sensors to help detect unhealthy areas in your fields.
  • We provide aerial visual imagery of your fields with every crop report.
  • Weekly Phone message covering all conditions and pest status.

Crop-ConsultingBefore starting any actual scouting, preparation is essential to provide accurate information in an efficient manner. Our crop scouting program is a Integrated pest management strategy that looks at many different aspects of crop production, not just any single pest or problem. AgTech Crop Scouts are actively observing environmental conditions, beneficial insects, pest insects, diseases, weeds, crop growth stage, and the general health of the crop in question to get a complete picture of any problems. Since field and landscape characteristics affect pest distribution, symptom expression, crop injury, and crop recovery, it is important to develop a complete field history in order to properly assess and plan management strategies and AgTech can help you with that.

Avoid Surprises and Increase Your Confidence

Yield leaders scout. Ask any yield contest winner what the most critical thing they did to win and they almost unanimously tell you, “walk your fields often.” Why don’t more farmers walk their fields? Most are afraid that scouting is a waste of time. This lack of investment in yield leaves them very close to average for their region, while the leaders advance more rapidly.

If you’re not walking and taking measurements on a regular basis, it pays to hire it done. When you hire a professional crop scouting service you reduce your risk of damage by discovering problems before they become a threat.