About Us

AgTech, Inc was founded in 2014, by Chad Middaugh who ventured from his IT Computer company with a passion for helping farmers grow their businesses through agronomic data management. We all take pride in the role we play on each farm and continued successful service development.

Our Vision

To provide farmers the information and data to improve their decision making using state of the art tools and technology.

Our Mission

Create substantial impact on agricultural industry with improved client performance through relentless pursuit and delivery of excellence in crop consulting.

AgTech’s Core Values

AgTech, Inc believes that there are 5 core values that play a critical role in all of our relationships. Those elements are Intelligence, Flexibility, Creativity, Integrity, and Work Ethic.


We highly prize being a thinking group of people with options.


Unless we have all the answers for every situation already figured out, we should be open to change.


Sometimes seeing something a little different can make all the difference.


In order to build trust with our clients, we have to be trustworthy.

Work Ethic

The greatest ideas in the world are just that, if no one follows through.