Grain Storage Management

At AgTech, we know the importance of getting the best possible quality in your field as well as maintaining that quality after harvest. Everything we do is with the goal of improving the operations of our customers and overcoming the challenges your farm faces through smart, technology-enabled solutions.



BinManager, intelligently monitors the moisture content and the temperature of not just the grain in your bins, but also the outside air. This way, the system automatically knows the optimal times to run drying fans and heaters to reduce loss. This innovative moisture cable technology allows you to remotely supervise the equilibrium moisture content of the grain, which means no more climbing up the exterior of the bin to probe the grain. To top it off, BinManager allows you to manage your grain from anywhere by accessing a secure online account. It will even alert you to potential problems via e-mail or text messaging.

BinManager adds predictability and profitability to your grain bin management process.



No more climbing up the side of your bin to manually probe multiple spots. And no more erratic, unreliable reads in the process. That’s the reality with BinCheck Handheld. The system allows you to monitor your stored grain conditions with two feet firmly on the ground, using a simple handheld device that plugs into the panel on the exterior of your bin and delivers accurate readings on your grain’s current temperature and moisture. From there, you have the reliable information you need to efficiently optimize moisture content and keep your storage operation running smoothly.

BinCheck Handheld is designed to deliver simplicity:

  • The System is designed to use on-site, so you aren’t required to have computer or Internet access to use it.
  • The handheld device can be plugged into multiple bins and can read data from up to eight cables per bin.
  • The connector box easily mounts to the outside of the grain bins, allowing for convenient walk-up access.
  • The system comes with a USB cord, car charger and carrying bag for your on-the-go needs.
  • The handheld device is backlit, allowing you to easily check your bins at night.
  • The system runs on a long-life lithium ion battery.

BinCheck Handheld System Components

  • Handheld panel and cord
  • Bin-mountable connector port
  • Customized amount of temperature and/or moisture cables for your bin(s)
  • Padded carrying case
  • Car charger
  • USB cord


Real-time data of field and weather conditions at your fingertips. That’s the reality and power of the FieldDataManager. This new product is designed with advanced traits and technologies to take the guesswork out of in-field crop management. It measures rainfall, growing degree units (GDU) and more. This powerful crop maturity prediction solution is a field-tested method to help farm operations determine best planting times, optimal harvesting times and guidance on when to run irrigation pivots. Having the ability to make these informed decisions sets your operation up for greater yields.


  • Monitors and measures rainfall in your precise area within 1/100th of an inch so you have the ability to make quick irrigation decisions
  • Determines growing degree units (GDU’s) by measuring outside temperature, solar radiation and UV rays. This allows more accurate calculations for plant maturity and harvest timing
  • Provides wind speed, direction, gusts, barometric pressure and real time weather-data which enables quick planting decisions
  • Measures soil temperature and moisture and provides insight on which root depths are extracting moisture from soil to inform planting and irrigation optimizations
  • Allows multiple probes to communicate back to one single FDM, so all the information you need is in one place
  • Delivers real-time weather and soil probe data to any web-enabled device, giving you immediate access to field condition information
  • Easily integrates data from spraying reports and pivot management, giving you the option to customize to meet your needs


  • Allows you to effectively track growing conditions
  • Measures above the ground and below for comprehensive understanding of conditions
  • Helps you make critical input choices such as: Right Time, Right Intensity and Right Cost